About Us

Peak Community Wellness

Peak Community Wellness has helped over 1000 members (and counting) develop their Peak health and fitness goals by increasing strength and muscle mass, reducing stress, burning fat to help increase energy levels and reach one’s health and fitness goals.

Peak Community Wellness is the area’s #1 fitness facility focused on your getting results any time and every time. Our trained and certified staff will guide you in finding your ideal body and keeping it. Peak Community Wellness believes in meeting you where you are and helping you advance based on your abilities and your individual goals.

We believe guaranteed results are a key factor when picking your club. Peak Community Wellness’ motivational and encouraging atmosphere is the first step to achieving your goals. Combine that with the variety of programs and FREE group fitness classes that meet you where you are and help you achieve your desired goals. We not only lead you to your fitness and health goals, we help you achieve goals for your career, relationships, finances and much more. Our clients tell us that not only do their bodies get in better shape, their entire lives do too!!!

Whether you are just getting started towards your fitness and weight-loss goals, or you’re already a positive addict who wants to maintain your results, Peak Community Wellness has a program for you. There’s no faster, easier or more fun way of getting the support, training and results you want inside the busy life you lead than with Peak Community Wellness!